FKN-Systems / PicturePass

Click on the picture to solve the Code!
Tipp! Raster are: 3x4
Tipp! Try: 12, 6, 7.5, 1.5 hour.
Tipp2! Try: 8, 2, 1, 9, OK.

Why this?
Maybe for captures, eg: "click top,right in the follow pic" and the robot canot unterstand this. Or hidden inputcodes (without the help-raster), eg: used with a harmles logo on the site. The trick are in the mathematics. So we send no code directly. Only [x,y] positions are transferd, and these are many different by unsharp user-click and/or changing of picture size.
Per configurations we can change the raster too, eg: 2x2, 3x4, 10x2, ... eg: an raster 3x4 are like an codekeypad, or 4x6 like's an hexpad.
This alowed to set various codes, based on the raster row.cols, eg: pass(1.3, 2.1, 3.2, 3.3) are an four coordinates code, shorter or longer codes are possible too.
The input counting starts with the first right code, and hangle by the next code to the last. An false code in the sequence break the counting and set code to zero. Its like an streaming protokoll.
Without any hint nor feedback, like "input your code" or "true/false code", are only the complete code show the result.